Impacted humans By Niccolo DeLain 

A good teacher once told me that we were just a bag of chemicals mixing together and that we would one day be functional human being, mature human beings.In my mind that day will never come because we are all unique and have different stories to tell. We all have malfunctions and because of our nature we impact others due to our own malfunctions. I recall several years ago looking up to a teacher that really left a legacy and impacted a lot of lives. I know this for a fact because I was one of those many lives he impacted. This teacher took on so many students and gave way to a beacon of hope that we could see from miles away. We were those Gatsby’s looking into the green light beyond miles of water. After taking this teachers class I was able to see things in a new light a green light sort of speak. So I ask myself today, do humans impact one another?
Its up to the reader as to weather or not we impact one another because the world is small and when we stretch we bump into someone that could alter our lives and impact us in a way beyond imagining. It’s that simple bump, that changes everything. That bump could blossom into a friendship, a business deal, or in my case saving someone’s life. I was a bump in someone’s life and like everyone who were bumps, we were treasured, we’re praised, we are loved. Its the smallest things, its the slightest pinch that can make the biggest difference. But it’s not always about love at first sight or any kind of destiny mumbo jumbo; however, later in life you wonder what would have happened if you never met this person? It’s at that moment you realize that without bumping into that person weather that person be for the better or for the worse that you became the person you’ve metamorphosed into. You become that person who altered another. I impact you and you impact me, towards the end of our lives, we’re all angels and demons in that we knowingly do good or we unknowingly do wrong. I suppose at the end of the day were all just trying get by. I could go on a rant about how we should do more then just get by, but then that is up to the billions of bags of chemicals to decide and how they want to impact one another.


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