Swell humans
By Niccolo DeLain

We are human. We have crawled from the ocean and evolution took its corse. Today we walk on two feet and we fall to only get back up again. Its due to our humanity that we do what odd things we do. We hate, we love, we laugh, we cry. We are human because we make mistakes and we learn from them. Part of being human is living, but what is living? Some say living is getting a job, getting married, having your kids, working till your bones are brittle and then dying. How is that life though?
Is there any romance or has society made humans drones? In a recent event that took place earlier this week, I had a conversation with a dear member of my family discussing my love life. To my knowledge their is no love life, because my definition of a love life is what I’ve read in various romance novels and seen from various movies. My relationships are the farthest thing from the steamy love affairs that occur from the vast media. In fact the best way that i can describe my relationships is swell and i’ve come to the conclusion that swell isn’t good enough.
Yes, we’re human and we’re indecisive, but swell isn’t enough. Humans are glutenous in that we want more then swell, we will forever want more then what we could ever have. Its a flaw, its our gift from whatever created us. Its this attitude in us that drives us to greatness, but without balance it can become our greatest enemy. It can make us lose some of those swell people or miss those swell moments. Now swell isn’t terrible, but it leaves a voice in our heads that says, ”We could do better.” I hate this voice and i know i’m not the only one, in fact i can guarantee I’m not alone in my hate towards this voice that is clearly insecure. So I’m not saying that we should stick with swell, but lets avoid eliminating it all together because then we’d simply be robbing ourselves of a life experience. So lets not be thieves who steal these experiences from ourselves, but be our personal knight in shinning armor who slay those voices and awaken the inner beauty locked up in the tallest tower in a castle imbedded in our minds.


Swell humans